With over 20 years experience in the ergonomic field, DR Group is an industry leader in defining cost effective, comprehensive solutions to your ergonomic risk factors. 


Why Choose DRG?

Our team of certified professional ergonomists are committed to providing quality ergonomic services and are dedicated to promoting successful solutions and overall well-being. Our services include ergonomic evaluation, environment assessment and implementation of correct workstation, environment or related tools for injured employees.

Since our inception in 1988, our company’s success has been built upon consistently providing excellent service to our clients. Whether you are a large company with hundreds of employees, a small family-run business, or a freelancer working from home, we can help produce significant savings for you by measurably reducing loss of work time and the cost of potential injuries. Our solutions combine a no-nonsense approach with aggressive efforts to assure an ergonomically sound work environment.

Realizing that the work force has changed dramatically in the past ten years, we have developed innovative ways of addressing these new and fluid work environments. For self-employed entrepreneurs, freelancers and those telecommuting there is our on-line evaluations via Skype.

We focus on details, we respond quickly and we realize the importance of keeping you updated. Our systematic control throughout the process ensures all proper documentation and adherence to required time frames. We have a thorough understanding of the ergonomic process from the perspective of all participants, i.e., employers, employees and medical providers. Our focus is on sound ergonomic principles and comprehensive risk assessment that identify potential hazards resulting in cost-effective high-impact solutions.