On-site Evaluation

What is an ergonomic evaluation?  happy desk worker

An ergonomic evaluation is an assessment that optimizes comfort and reduces the risk of injury caused by improper workplace set-up and/or ill-fitted workstation equipment. Ergonomics is an applied, measurable science that assures people and things interact most efficiently. The evaluator’s recommendation will fall into 3 categories: work style changes, reconfiguration of existing furniture/computer set up, and/or purchase of new/specialized furniture or computer equipment.

Ergonomic services can range from an individual, detailed, complete workstation assessment to a short review of proper posture and minor workstation adjustment recommendations; there are also group instruction classes and demonstrations. The type of services required depend on the discomfort level and objectives desired in reducing risk.

In a  one-on-one evaluation the consultant will work with the client to review tasks, identify risk and develop customized short and long term solutions. The client will be provided with specific, documented recommendations in a clear concise report. These recommendations are thoroughly reviewed with the client at the time of the evaluation.

No matter what level of ergonomic services are needed, the worker is an integral part of the evaluation process and they have an active role in implementing posture and habit change recommendations. The benefits to both the worker and employer are healthier work environment, less absenteeism, increased productivity and risk reduction for injury.

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