Online Ergonomic Evaluation


An online office assessment is available worldwide and is conducted via Skype. This is a great solution for those working from home or living in remote areas.

Our trained and accredited ergonomist will perform a 30-minute Skype interview. Prior to your Skype meeting you will be asked to complete a comprehensive form detailing your physical measurements, work environment and work techniques and habits.

During your Skype session we will observe your workstation set-up, demonstrate proper ways to adjust your chair, keyboard, monitor, etc., and discuss the proper placement and distances.

We will answer your questions and provide a report outlining our recommendations and suggestions.

Our consultant will do a 30 day follow up email to monitor your progress and help you make any adjustments needed.

Contact us for more information.

Phone: (323) 259-3112


What You Will Need :

  • Access to the internet
  • Webcam w/mic
  • Skype account
  • Headset (optional)

What is Skype?

Skype is a FREE internet download you can get right now. With Skype you can make Free calls or Video calls through the internet to other people on Skype for as long as you like, to wherever you like. All on-line sessions are conducted through Skype Video calls, no matter where you are in the world. It's the next best thing to having an on-site visit.

Don't have Skype?

No problem, it only takes a few minutes to download and set up. Click on the Skype button to sign up for your FREE Skype account now.1414044853_im-bigbrownchunx-skype-dbus


Once you've downloaded, installed and registered with Skype you'll need to add DR Group as a "contact" —

  1. On the main Skype program window you will note several tabs, the first of which is "Contacts". Make sure it is the active (highlighted) tab by clicking on it once.
  2. Click on the Add a contact button found just below the Contacts tab. (Alternately use the top menu: "Contacts" → "Add a contact".)
  3. Type in "DRGErgo6" (D.R.Group's username) in the window that pops up, and click “Find”.
  4. Shortly afterward the matched name, D.R.Group Ergo, will appear in a blue strip below.
  5. Double-click anywhere on the blue strip and then click "Add contact" in the window that pops up.
  6.  Another window will pop up, in which simply click “OK”.

(If you have trouble completing this stage simply send D.R.Group an email at and we will connect you from our end instead.) After that you will D.R.Group added to your Contacts.

Contact us for more information.

Phone: (323) 259-3112


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