Training is a critical element of a successful ergonomics program. Learning opportunities provide people with the means necessary to complete the steps of the
ergonomics improvement process. These key steps include identifying risk, reducing risk, verifying risk reduction, managing injuries and maintaining program sustainability.

Reason for Training

The purpose of ergonomic training is to provide employees with the skills, knowledge, abilities and tools to accomplish their designated responsibilities.

Our training will provide employees with awareness training to prepare and empower them to identify potential ergonomic issues in their workplace and to adjust the workplace to control the issues or escalate issues to their supervisors for assistance.

Training Content

Our training class structure and content focuses on ensuring that people are successful in performing their roles supporting the ergonomics process. This means that different roles require different topics and learning objectives; the course outline lies in the defined responsibilities for each role. Training should provide each person with the knowledge, tools, ability and confidence to meet all of the responsibilities.

To help meet the responsibilities described above for employees, awareness trainings include:

  • Overview of the site ergonomic improvement goals, process and support infrastructure
  • Employee responsibilities in the site ergonomics process
  • Method to identify ergonomic issues in their workstations and tasks
  • Specific, easy-to-apply work practices and tools/devices to reduce ergonomic risk at their workstations and tasks
  • Review of the equipment being used, tasks performed and the environment in which it is being performed.
  • Our training will address the proper positioning and adjustment of chairs, monitors, keyboards, mouse, phone/headset, document holders, etc.
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